Presentation Board

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During the time that we were in the computer lab, my team began working on their presentation board.




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We met early this morning to try and finish. When I got to the meeting, Chelsie was already on her computer finishing up something. She gave me some useful tips about Photoshop and how to work it.


Pictures Day 1

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Here are a few other pictures that I collected during the first day.

Where the Wind Veil will hang.

Plan of attack.

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My team decided to get the most done during the first day that they could.  Therefore, before we left on Friday, we had all of our Diagrams finished and a list of what else was to be done.

This is a sample list that I collected from the conversation:

  •  Framing the viewpoint montage
  • 3 perspective
  • 3 diagrams
  • circulation diagram
  • axis



Wind Veil

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My team decided that, to make the entryway to the building more eye appealing, there needed to be something that would catch your eye.  We decided on a Wind Veil. The wind veil would be put around the stadium seating, underneath the Pod(s) around the stairs at the entryway to the building. A “Wind Veil” is:  wind-activated artwork that consists of squares of aluminum chain-mail (or another material). These hanging panels of metallic fabric are extremely lightweight and responsive to subtle changes in the wind.

Since the veil consists of a very large amount of individual panels, we decided that the Veil shouldn’t be all of the same color. We also had to decide whether the pieces would be the same size or different.  From this came a debate of which colors, and how to arrange or not arrange them.  After a few minutes, we decided that the individual panels would be silver, yellow, blue, and red; with silver being the dominant color.  This lead to a discussion of how the colors should be arranged. Should they be thrown in at random? or Should they be in an organized pattern?  My teammates and I decided that the colors (red, yellow, and blue) would be put into the veil at random. One of my teammates even said, “It makes people spend time looking for a pattern, but only we know there isn’t.”


This is a link to a very good example of what we were/are thinking: Wind Veil

If that doesn’t work, here is another link:

After my team and I heard of the situation that we were supposed to be addressing, my teammates started throwing some ideas around and began to design. One of the first ideas that was brought up, was the idea of changing the stairs coming into the Art and Architecture Building.  A few ideas were suggested, such as creating stadium seating and allowing for three separate staircases.  However, after some trouble-shooting, we figured out a better way to design the stairways.  

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